Birthday Brews

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 4-4-18

# of PAX: 17

PAX: 8Penny, Blade, Chicken Noodle, Deputy Dawg, EPO, Hooch, Nomad, Rocket Queen, Sir Mix, Sunshine, Tea Party, Tiny Tank, Tombstone, TrolleyStop, Trump, Tubbs, Ugly Stik

Warm Up:

37 x SSH IC


Pyramid of Burpees:

Perform sets of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12, 11, 10, 9 & 8 Burpees starting each set in the minute for 10 minutes.

Mosey to the speed bumps and partner up. Partner 1 bear crawls to the next speed bump while partner 2 performs AMRAP CDD. Partner 1 then performs AMRAP jump squats while partner 2 bear crawls to speed bump. Partner 1 then zombie walks to the next speed bump while partner 2 performs AMRAP jump squats. Partner 1 then performs AMRAP CDD while partner 2 zombie walks to catch up. Repeat for 2 additional speed bumps. YHC Cut this a bit short as we were running low on time.

The weinke called for 11s next, but YHC saw something that looked fun and called an audible. Instead of stopping in the nice dry soccer field where planned, we pushed on a bit farther to the soccer field with all the sprinklers on! Time for some Tunnel of Love. YHC planked up in the mud pit at midfield and had the pax do the same forming a nice tunnel over the mud. After the sprinkle gave me a good soaking, YHC started army crawling through the pax to the other side and planked up waiting for the six. The mumble chatter here was glorious! After the last pax sloshed through it was time for some Bridge of Hate. YHC returned to the mud pit and laid on my back with arms up. Other pax did the same alternating heads and feet and formed a line of arms to body surf on. Unfortunately the pax failed miserably here. Let’s just chalk it up to a case of TRex arms from the workout with wet muddy bodies and not YHCs size! I was dropped 3 times before calling it quits on this one and making the pax perform the Tunnel of Love again. We finished a few minutes over time so quick shower in the sprinklers before heading back to the flag.


YHC surprised the pax with a cooler full of beer for all their hard work and to properly celebrate his birthday! Strong work men and thanks for the toasts after the workout.

Keep pushing Sunshine! It doesn’t get any easier, but you get stronger.

Glad I got to spend some time with Trump, Blade and Deputy Dawg on the EC ruck beforehand. Always a pleasure to get to know some of you northerners a bit more.

Glad some of the Stingray crew had the chance to toughen up their hands this morning!

Congratulations to Cracker and Glass Joe for their new additions to their families!

Prayer requests for Deputy Dawg and his recent interview at UNCW.

Still lots of openings on the April Q calendar. Let’s fill it up men!

Come on down to Carolina Beach this Saturday for Iron Island! YHC has the Q and it’s probably a good idea to have gloves and a change of clothes!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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