A little help from my friends

DATE: 4/4/2018


QIC: Tiny Dancer

# PAX: 21

PAX: Wreck-It-Ralph, Niles, Busted Grill, Hahvad, Gravity, Seahorse, Dixie Chick, P-Doc, Tom Sawyer, Pony Express, Newman, Kramer, Matlock, Crosswalk, Heisenberg, Milton, Parrot Head, The Adjuster, Snickers, Rain Man(FNG)

21 PAX beat the fartsack for a warm hump day beatdown. You know spring is in the air when the birds are chirping, the azaleas are blooming, and Parrot Head is shirtless…


Catch Me If You Can- Indian run with the last runner doing 5 burpees then running to the front
Everyone then does 5 burpees OYO because not all got to do burpees on the run
Seal clap IC X 40
World’s Greatest Stretch


11’s Monkey humpers at the parking lot then run to the bottom of the hill for burpees with a plank roll
Mary while we wait on the 6

Mosey to the playground for a circuit
Pull-ups/inverted row X 10
Box jump with merkin X 10
Makhtar N’Diaye with a squat thrust X 10
Rinse and repeat
Plank until the 6 is finished

Mosey to the flag


YHC had to LIFO so Snickers kindly took over for Mary and COT


Sorry I had to roll out early today, appreciate Snickers taking the reins for the end.
No I did not know the forecast and conveniently exit right before the downpour.
The Respects were out in force today – Hahvad, Wreck-It Ralph, Niles, Busted Grill, Tom Sawyer, YHC
Welcome to Rain Man – hope you enjoyed your first post. Look forward to getting to know you when you come back out.
Welcome back to the Cape Fear gloom P-Doc, school has not slowed you down.
Everyone worked hard today-hope you got your money’s worth.
Always a pleasure to lead, I appreciate the opportunity.

Tiny Dancer – out



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