Let’s run


AO: Run Forrest Ruck/UNCW

QIC: Blade (ruck) & Pony Express (run)

# of pax: 14(6 ruckers & 8 runners)

Pax: Runners-Mr. Kotter, Money Gun, Dagger Board, Fat Back, Sweater Vest, Sparky, Tiny Dancer/Ruckers- Parrot Head, Trump, Venus, LETC, Heisenberg

Warm O Rama (led by Blade)

The Thang (Run)

We left the parking lot heading towards the track, then turned right heading for the front of the campus. Then we ran along the front and down the north side of the campus to the parking deck. Took one lap up the parking deck and decided to head back to the AO. We got back at 6:05. Not wanting to do 10 minutes of Mary I chose to stretch the run out another 5 minutes. We covered about 3.9 miles.

MARY: Flutter kicks x30 IC, High plank each pax 10 count, Freddie Mercury 20 IC led by Sweater Vest


Q school Friday f3 Leland 0530 by LETC

Check slack for info on Masonboro camping trip this weekend.

Thanks to Blade for asking me to lead this morning. It was an honor and a privilege.

Pony Express out.



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