When 3/31/2018

Where Iron Island, The lake at Carolina  Beach


Pax Lock’s, Teaparty, Tiny Tank, Flight Nurse, Donut, Flamer, Edger, Hoff.

Pax for EC ruck, EPO, Flamer, Locks, Flight Nurse, Sir Mix A lot, Hoff, and Edger

On  March 31 a new work out AO was born. Iron Island, where iron sharpens iron was started by nine #HIM Pax.

It started at  4 AM with seven pax doing an extra credit ruck. We covered 9 miles. We spent a lot of time in the water. We did 25 Merkens and 25 squats every half mile. Everyone got their moneys worth. We ended up back at the new AO at 0650.  Just enough time to dry off and get ready for the first iron Island beat down.

The Thang:

Circle off, 25 seal claps, 25 squats, 25 Merkins.

Mosey by the lake and up to Carolina Beach Elementary school playground.

Circuit training. Three stations. Inverted rows, dips, and pull-ups. We break up into three groups of three. Before we each station until told to switch. We were 40 Texar size for proximally one minute. And then we rotated until everyone did each station three times.

Mosey back to the beach. Stop it the big rock pile. Pick up a large rock. The next exercise will be squat thrusters. Three sets of 20. If you’re able to easily do 20 your rock is not big enough. Placed rock back on the pile and continue to mosey to the beach.

Once we reach the beach it’s time for 11’s.

Squats and squat jumps. Squats and squat jumps.

Somebody please explain to Edger how to properly do 11’s. But I have to admit I love his motivation.

What the Hoff is leaving? What the hell.  He was mumbling something about taking care of the children. God help those children.

Once we finish the leavens the only thing left to do was Christen this AO by getting in the ocean. Everyone except tea party, who was the photographer, got in the water. It was really not that cold. You have to have loving an AO at the beach.

Nobody had a heart attack getting in the cold water. Time to reassemble and mosey back to the parking lot. Time for COT.


Prayers for Hoff And EightPennys Brother. Men and women  in the military.

Signed up to take a Q.

Moving forward we will park at Carolina Beach Elementary school for the Saturday work.


Sir Mix-A-Lot made it for the ruck but couldn’t stay for the work out.

Hoff left early.

Edger, glad to meet you. I love your motivation.

Flight Nurse, thanks for joining us. Strong work.

There is something about exercising in the darkness. I don’t know why it just makes me stronger. Nothing more incredible than watching the sunrise with your F3 Brothers.

Tea party thank you for buying us breakfast for helping you move that big ass couch. I’m pretty sure you’ll have us over to your new place at the beach for happy hour at some point. Thank you in advance.

I don’t think Flamer threw up a single time. He must be getting better

It was great to have Donut 🍩  at workout.

Tiny Tank, the silent professional.

Locks, hell Yeah, super motivated. This kid is going to be a great Coast Guard!! It is not Airborne but his going to be a rescue swimmer. Almost the same.NOT!!

Thank you for letting me lead

EPO out



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