Carry Heavy Stuff / Run “Fast”


AO: Run Forrest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade (ruck) & Pony Express (run)

# of PAX: 14 (6 ruckers & 8 runners)

PAX: Ruckers = Parrot Head, Trump, Venus, LETC, Heisenberg / Runners = Mr. Kotter, Money Gun, Dagger Board, Fat Back, Sweater Vest, Sparky, Tiny Dancer

14 PAX strong on a great Tuesday morning. Weather was perfect for some miles & smiles. EC ruckers covered ~1.5 miles (YHC, Trump, Venus, & Parrot Head)

T-Claps to Pony Express for taking the run Q at the literal last minute. (YHC rolled in after EC @ 0529 & handed him the weinke, which he proceeded to pocket for a later date. Way to step up & lead!)

Warm O Rama


Windmills x15IC

Ruckers ruck, Runners run…


The Thang (Ruck)

Squats x25 OYO  &  Merkins x25 OYO (with your ruck & 40# sandbag if you’re Trump)

Indian Ruck around BG’s Loop to the track

At Track – ground rucks – sprint 200m & recover 100m x2

Indian Ruck remainder of BG’s Loop back to flags

Flutter Kicks x25IC (ruck overhead)

Ruck BG’s Loop (for time, as we had 15mins on the clock)

Arrive back to flags right on time @ 0615


COT / Moleskin

Including EC, we covered 4.2 miles, and managed an average pace of ~14.40 min/mi (the sprints @ the track helped that a little).

Parrot Head gave us an abridged version of his story on the last ruck loop. Glad he felt lead, as YHC wasn’t able to make J&J when shared previously.

Q School : 2 chances this week – #1 TONIGHT @ 1930 @ Islands in Ogden. Let EOM know if you’ll be there.  #2 FRIDAY @ 0530 @ F3 Leland. Come get schooled by OG Nan’tan LETC.

Masonboro Camping Trip – THIS WEEKEND! Check slack for details.

Step up and take the Q in April. The calendar is wide open @ a lot of AO’s, RFR included. If you need help/ideas, reach out to someone.

Thanks for allowing me to lead, it’s a pleasure and honor!


Until next time…





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