Modified Gonzalez WOD


AO: Heavy Metal Monday / OGAO / HMP

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 17

PAX: Cut Me Mick (Raleigh), Mr. T, Snickers, Gravity, Deputy Dawg, Seahorse, Pony Express, Bone Spur, Jiffy Pop, Mayhem, LETC, Flight Nurse, Embezzler, Dixie Chick, Newman, Mr. Right (FNG)

17 PAX chose to fight the fartsack & get better with YHC on my maiden voyage as Q @ Heavy Metal Monday. Today’s playlist (graciously provided by resident DJ Snickers) included Social Distortion, Motley Crue, & Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

Warm O Rama

Toy Soldiers x15 IC

Cotton Pickers x15 IC


The Thang

Grab a KB & head to the lower lot by the tennis courts

Partner (2 KB’s per pair)

Jerome Gonzalez WOD (heavily modified)

1) Partner Carry (or Lunge Walk) w/ KB to fence @ bottom of hill

2) P1 stays & completes:

Clean/Press x5 ea arm – American Hammer x10 – KB Swing x15 – Goblet Squat x20

P2 runs back, retrieve other KB / one the way back, Burpee x5 @ 1/3 & 2/3 distance to P1

3) P1 & P2 swing / throw KB + Bear Crawl back to top of hill

Switch / Rinse & Repeat

Pass the Bells

Pax line up side by side – People’s Chair – pass all KB’s down the line x5

(3 middle, 1 high, 1 low)

{Special thanks go to Cut Me Mick who brought his personal 50lbs KB}

Hot Potato

On your 6 facing partner / lock ankles – Pass KB to partner – big boy sit-up – pass to partner 2 – bb sit-up – Repeato until both PAX get 10

Merkins x25 OYO

Hot Potato round 2

Merkins x25 OYO

Grab your KB & all pax head around the loop & back to flag


Box Cutters x10IC (both ways) c/o LETC

Heels to Heaven x20IC c/o Gravity

Flutter Kicks x25IC c/o Flight Nurse

100’s x25IC c/o YHC


COT / Moleskin

Welcome to Cut Me Mick from Raleigh! Be sure to keep an eye out for F3 brothers who are DR & looking to join us ITG! Plenty of PAX from other regions will be coming through in the next few months on vacation.

Welcome back Gravity! Glad to see the achilles didn’t keep you down too long. Thanks for the chance to lead.

Q School : 2 chances this week – #1 Tuesday 04/05 @ 1930 @ Islands in Ogden. Hit up EOM if you plan to go.  #2 Friday 04/06 @ 0530 @ F3 Leland. Come get schooled in more ways than one by the OG Nan’tan LETC.


Until next time…









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