Carry the Cross

Date: 3/30/18

AO: StingRay (MonsterFactory)

QIC: Sparky

# PAX: 12

PAX: Tres (R), Quatro, Shrek, Ball Bearing (R), Babyback, OTC, Billy Madison, Yankee, Bambam, Etch-A-Sketch, ButterFly, Sparky (R)



Mountain Climbers X 15 IC (Slow Cadence)

High Knees (Every PAX doing high knees, going around the circle each PAX takes a turn to call out Burpee X1 or Merkin X2.

The Thang:

Split Pax into two teams. Each team has a Captain. Each PAX on each team has to complete each exercise at each stop while carrying the Cross (coupon), never putting it down. PAX start west out of the parking lot, turning right headed to the baseball fields, stopping at each of the 7 double speed bumps to compete each exercise. At each stop, one PAX reads that number station on “way to the cross”. Once complete proceed to the next double speed bump. Once team completed all 7 speed bumps, Mary for the 6

Repeat going back (Half the number of reps going back, due to time)

Merkin X 20

Squats X 30

American Hammers X 40

Diamond Merkin X 20

Lunges X 30 (15 each leg)

Flutter Kicks X 40

Burpee X 10

QIC had to call a verbal and miss the last two stations coming back, but once everyone was back, the final two “Stations of the Cross” were read.
– Reminded everyone what this week was, and to think about what Easter really means.
– @Ball Bearing, shared how thankful he was for the PAX during the sickness and death of his mother-in-law and what F3 meant to him.
– So good to have @Ball Bearing back in the gloom

Thanks for letting me lead
It’s an Honor to lead








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