Baywatch Season

DATE: 3/31/18


# of PAX: 22

PAX: Tank, Cracker, Stinger (CLT), GAAP (CLT), Heisenberg, Dixie Chick, Spin Doctor, Shut In, Milton, Cousin IT (ENC), Stainless, Blue Steel, Chop Shop, The Adjuster, Trump, Hoverround, Busted Grill, Tiny Dancer, Wreck It Ralph, Gobo, Parrothead


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 25 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 15 IC


  • partner up for Catch Me If You Can
    • around the perimeter of the park for 3 laps
    • partner 1 does 5 burpees and sprints to catch partner 2 who is running backwards
    • flap jack
    • every time you pass the pull up bars do 10 each
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX
  • make 2 columns for Caterico Indian Run to Live Oak Loop
  • At Live Oak Loop:
    • bear crawl to first speed bump
    • broad jump burpee to next speed bump
    • run around the round a bout and stop in the middle for 25 merkins
    • Backwards lunge walk between next two speed bumps
    • sprint to the end
    • plank while we wait for the SIX
  • regular indian run to the beach!
  • At the beach, we did 4 Corners Escaltor:
    • at corner of Stone St:
      • 10 Mike Tysons
    • run 1 block over:
      • 10 Mike Tysons
      • 20 Jump Tucks
    • run street to beach:
      • 10 mike Tysons
      • 20 Jump tucks
      • 30 heels to heaven
    • run down beach to access
      • 10 mike tysons
      • 20 jump tucks
      • 30 heels to heaven
      • 40 alternating shoulder taps
  • Mosey back to the flag!


  • Glad to have Cousin IT from ENC, Stinger and GAAP from CLT join us this morning!
  • Busted Grill led us out in prayer!
  • My watch had us at 4 miles and close to 800 calories burned! Strong work men!

It was a burner this morning! Thanks for the privilege of leading this fine group of HIM!

BTB- over and out!



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