Managing Anxiety and the APFT

DATE: 3/30/18


# of PAX: 16 (see Slack)

Anxiety is a concern, fear or worry – often irrational or excessive – of an event or circumstance beyond our control or whose outcome we cannot predict: the workplace, certain relationships, money, even events half a world away.

But what if we gave up anxiety, released it deliberately – not whimsically or without some thought – but by recognizing it, calling it what it is, and then – like a wave overtaking us or a train speeding by – watched as we let it sweep over and away from us.

It’s *our* choice to hang on to anxiety – our attempt to try and take the person, place or event behind it and figure it out; put sense into it; or somehow pull the string tight, so that it might be resolved to our satisfaction. Good luck.

In truth, the best thing to do at moments of high anxiety is to be aware of it, identify its cause just for reference (but don’t go too deep), and then simply let it wash over and away from you. As Buddha would say, Let that shit go.

To test this management technique, YHC employed one of the most anxiety-producing workouts possible for the Pax: the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).


Max number push-ups in 2 mins.
Max number sit-ups in 2 mins.
2-mile timed run (*for our purposes, we modified to a 1-mile run. Runners took their 1-mile time and extrapolated for 2-mile time.)


It’s Holy Week – let’s be thankful! He is RISEN!

Prayers for Uncle Jon, LETC’s buddy, a grandmother recently widowed, EMS, Military, Fire, Police


Parrothead is officially a runner, coming in second (ahead of YHC[?]) in the one-miler. He’s worked hard for it and it’s been awesome to watch him progress. Nice job, brother!

Pony Express is another Sir Mix in the making – count on it!

Hoveround is confounded by the 2-min. interval thing. Geez!

Nice haircut, Gobo – looks a lot like you with no new haircut – HA!

Great testimony, Ugly Stik!

A pleasure leading and an even greater pleasure to have you follow

Hoff, out-







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