Field of Dreams…Almost

Date: 3/28/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 10

THE PAX: Tea Party, Rx, Stifler’s Mudder, Flamer, Locks, The Hoff, EPO, Pony Express, Tombstone

QIC: Chicken Noodle


  • Moroccan Night Club x20
  • Hillbillies x20


Step 1 – Mosey to the baseball fields for Noodle’s awesome baseball themed Q!

Step 2 – Realize the baseball fields are closed and inaccessible

Step 3 – Noodle’s disappointment overtakes him

Step 4 – Modify as needed and head to the parking lot for…


F3 BASEBALL…kind of

– PAX partner up (or teams of three if there’s enough) and each group starts at a different base (now medians)
– Each team completes 60 cumulative reps of the following exercise:
       – First base (1st median) = merkins
       – Second base (2nd median) = squats
       – third base (3rd median) = side straddle hops
       – home plate (4th median) = lbc’s
       – run back to starting position then 10 burpees
– Do this for twenty minutes until it’s time for the Seventh Inning Stretch:
     – Little Baby Arm Circles x20
     – Cherry Pickers x20
     – Box Cutters x20
– 5 more minutes of F3 baseball as outlined above
– Interval Run back to the flag
         – Carolina Beach workout will be starting this Saturday morning – check Slack and contact EPO for more info
         – Prayers for Rx’s father-in-law, Hoff’s brother and 8-Penny’s Brother
What a great way to spend 45 minutes!


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