Beat Down Q!!! B-Day Q

AO: HMP (Hugh MacRae Park)

Date: 3/28/18

QIC: Deputy Dawg

# of PAX: 20

PAX: Bone Spur, Sir-Mix-Alot, Busted Grill, LETC, Sea Horse, Flight Nurse, Last, Tom Sawyer, Harvard, Tiny Dancer, Ninja Turtle, Fire Marshall Bill, Wreck it Ralf, Milton, Mine Craft, Blade, Niles, Mothership, Harry Potter (F3ENC),


It was my Honor to lead the Q today for my Birthday Week Q. I turn the big 3 0 on Saturday March 31st. I was moved when 20 of my Brothers including F3 Harry Potter part of the F3 E NC (Greensboro) family posted today. I did not know what to expect and was happily surprised when the cars continued to Come in.

Warm up: 20- Side Straddle Hop

15- Cotton Pickers

15- Moroccan night club

15- Wind Mills

Mary: 20- American Hammers

20- Spiderman Push ups

20- LBC’s

The Thang: After a very out of place Mary PAX counted off “1, 2, 3, 4,”the PAX and I moseyed to Goose Poop Island. Once at the GPI PAX split into their groups 5 each teams 1 through 4. Group 1 reported to the brick wall for 20 dips. Group 2 were instructed to do a Merkin roll Merkin. 5 Merkins roll to a plank position and commit 5 additional push ups, then roll back to the original plank positon and repeat 2 additional times for a total of 6 sets of Merkins/ 3 rolls. Group 3 reported to the stairs for 3 and a half sets of running up and down to count as one with a half to end at the top of the stairs. Group 4 were instructed to do PAX’s choice of either 5 pull ups or 10 assisted rows. When PAX completed the circuit PAX had to bear crawl the bridge to return to GPI. From the on set it was very apparent from the on set that this was an arm burner. However all PAX showed TRUE strong work and completed the goal of 4 total runs in time. We collected the Six and moseyed up the stairs and past the pull up bars back to the AO. Upon reaching the AO I realized that we had gone over in time by 3 min. The PAX agreed that it is better to be over on time and good with sweat than to be one time and not gotten our monies worth.

COT: Prayers for Tom Sawyer’s Family Mary on her hip surgery today.

Prayers for the Nowak family on the up coming death of his Mother in Law from a terminal brain tumor.

Once again it was an honor and a joy to host today. Looking forward to the next Q. April 13th, Leland AO.

Dep. Dawg signing off.






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