March Madness 3/25/18

Pax : busted grill, LETC, Minecraft, Kramer

QIC: Niles

In celebration of March Madness- A hybrid Q from YHC comprising exercise sets up to 64 reps set to a soundtrack of songs about madness.

64 SSH and then the starting 5 moseyed around the outskirts of Alderman school accompanied by that 70’s gem Fox on the Run from Sweet.

Assemble at the basketball court for the full court press : suicide merkins in increments of 8.


The Pull-up Zone

Laps around the court alternating with sets of 8 pull-ups .


64 seconds of Basket-balls to the wall


Mosey to the Venus Fly- trap court

Meditation on Julius Caesar, the Ides of March , and the destructive nature of pride in relationship to leadership.

Box jump sets of 8

Mosey to the flag

LETC led some 64 rep Mary

More Broga

COT: prayers for Rucker’s, spring breakers , leaders and the led . For a humble heart coupled with a leader’s spirit.

Thanks to the other players in the starting 5 for joining me today for March Madness. Despite the chill , you took the red pill . And busted grill didn’t hate the music either 😆

Interesting convo at coffeteria afterwards about news fasting , FOMO, the new media and the timeless wisdom of the Bible.

Niles out – SYITG!



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