23 March 2018

No. Pax 15

Pax: Tiny Dancer, Wreck-it-Ralph, Mayhem, Morpheus, Messy, Mr Kotter, dadada dadada, Hahvahd, Niles, Fire Marshal Bill, Jiffy Pop, Mother Ship, Ninja Turtle and Gobo.

QIC – Minecraft

15 Pax posted for the Friday OG-AO beatdown.  Strong work Pax.

Warmup – side straddle hop x 20 IC, cotton picker x 16 IC and imperial walker x 20 IC, mosey to parking lot by tennis courts.

Partner up.  Partner 1 does WWII sit-ups while partner 2 bear crawls across parking lot and back.  Flap jack.  Repeat.  Plank while waiting on six.

Partner 1 does dips on the wall while partner 2 lunge walks across parking lot and back.  Flap jack.  Repeat.  Emporer’s chair while waiting on six.

Mosey to tennis court.  Four squares.  Divide into 4 teams.  Corner one – crab cakes, corner 2 – low plank, corner 3 squats and corner 4 BTTW.  Each exercise is for one minute.  Run around all four corners and then to next corner.  Each team was at each corner once.  Mosey to picnic shelter.

10 on 10 – incline merikans and shoulder press. Begin 1 rep incline merikan then 1 rep shoulder press.  Repeat adding one rep up to 10 and then subtract 1 rep back down to 1.  Mosey to AO around parking lot island.

Mary – american hammer x 20 IC, leg raises x 20, LBCs x 20 IC, heals to heaven x 20 IC and 100s x 25 IC.

Prayers – thanks for being able to workout this morning.  Thanks for the Pax to workout with.  Prayer for healing of those in the hospital and recovering.  Prayers for protection of men and women in the military and law enforcement.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.






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