Ain’t No loungin’ around @SR (Just “LUNGIN” around)

3/23/18 – @stingray Ogden Park

12 PAX Lunged around the Park -Zuckerburg, Snail Mail, Babyback, BTB, Knuckle Puck, Sparky, Shrek, OTC, Spin Doctor, Bambam, LETC, EOM



Apollo Creed Burpees – X10 (each arm)

Copper Head Squats IC – X30

Shoulder Tap Merkins IC – X15

Hillbilly IC – X30


MOSEY TO THE ROCK PILE, Select the largest coupon you can find (NO LBRs – Little Baby Rocks)

Circle Up for THE Wave of Merkins – 5 rotations around (think of The Wave, like you’ve done at a baseball or football game, except with merkins)

10 Halos to the left

THE Wave of Merkins – 3 rotations around

10 Halos to the right

THE Wave of Merkins – 3 rotations around

Overhead Tricep Rock Press X 30

THE Wave of Merkins – 3 rotations around

Anterior Deltoid Raises with Rock X 15

EXTRA CREDIT – Overhead Rock Toss – X5


Split into 2 teams for HERO HURDLE RACE – 1 pax runs 5 steps stops and drops into high plank, 2nd pax hurdles 1st pax then runs 5 additional steps and drops into high plank, 3rd pax hurdles 1st and 2nd pax then runs 5 additional steps and drops into high plank, etc.  – This is done all the way down the football field and back.  1st team to complete it wins!

HOP THE FENCE – This is the moment we were all waiting for.  No Lounging around, just “LUNGING” around the perimeter of Football field.

Had extra time left, so we got creative 1 round of the following:

Under Dogs – X20

Steps on Park Bench – X50

10 spins on the Merry-Go-Round – 10 riding and 10 pushing, then while dizzy, jailbreak back to the COT (only time I’ve ever beaten BTB at running, ever)



Sparky’s church at College Acres Baptist is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt/Car show tomorrow from 10:00am – 2pm

Fill up the Q Calendar for April.  It’s wide open!

For those who need to get their VQ under their belt, a few of us are meeting on Tuesday April 3rd at Islands to walk through everything.

Ruth’s and Reflection went down after the workout.


Sparky mentioned a guy who had committed suicide, leaving behind a wife and 2 kids.

Quatro’s son had a temp of 104.8. Pray for little man and their family.

LETC mentioned a friend who has a sickness that is leading him to a slow fade.  Prayer for healing for his bod, and for there to be renewed life in his body!



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