Stations of the Cross Ruck & CCT Run


AO: Run Forest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade (ruck) / Hoveround (run)

# of PAX: 16

PAX: LETC, Heisenberg, Trump, Venus, Quatro, Bone Spur, Fat Back, Mayhem, Mr. Kotter, The Hoff, Sweater Vest, Pony Express, DaggerBoard, Money Gun

Warm Up


Imperial Walkers x31IC

Strawberry Pickers x15IC *slowly* (aka: Cotton Pickers)

The Thang


Out & Back on CCT – 18 mins out / 18 mins back – covered ~4.5 miles. YHC was not present for this excursion, but is certain mumblechatter was high & strong with The Hoff in attendance.



Stations of the Cross

Head out Price toward the parking structure – to the top & back down – back toward flags via Chancellor’s Walk. Goal was to stop every 2-3 mins for a mary exercise & read 1 station (14 stations in total). Short on time, we got through 7 stations & exercises;

#1 – Jesus in the Garden : Matthew 26:36-41  — Merkins x10

#2 – Jesus is Betrayed by Judas : Mark 14:43-46 — 8ct Body Builders x3

#3 – Jesus is Condemned by Sanhedrin : Luke 22:66-71 — Overhead Press w/ Ruck x5

#4 – Jesus is Denied by Peter : Matthew 26:69-75 — Squats x10

#5 – Jesus is Judged by Pilate : Mark 15:1-5,15 — Flutter Kicks x15IC (ruck overhead)

#6 – Jesus is Scourged & Crowned with Thorns : John 19:1-3 —  Plank Jacks x10

#7 – Jesus Bears the Cross : John 19:6,15-17 — Merkins x20

After Station 7, we had ~3 mins to make to the flag, but 1/2 mile+ to cover. Double time & we made it back 3 mins late. Plus got a nice cool shower on the way back…


COT / Moleskins

High-Fives from the departing run pax, who were sure to include us in the closing prayer.

Good time spent talking about the upcoming Heavy. Trump, Venus, & YHC are on the home stretch. Got to get our heads right!

T-Claps to Hoveround on taking the run Q 2 weeks in a row!

Sign up to Q, it’s an honor to lead the pax. Don’t miss out!

Expect to see the Stations of the Cross come back in the future & we’ll get all 14 stations in somehow.

Always something special about working out in the rain, thunder, & lightning…


Thanks for letting me lead!

Until next time…






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