Stadium 11s

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 3-21-18

# of PAX: 12

PAX: Chicken Noodle, Crosswalk, EPO, Hooch, Glass Joe, Pumking, Stiffler’s Mudder, Tea Party, Tiny Tank, Tombstone, TrolleyStop, Tubbs

Warm Up:

10 x Burpees a minute for 5 minutes (50 total)

Long mosey to the stadium.


Stadium 11s: The football stadium at SE has 6 sets of stairs on one side and 4 sets on the other, for 10 total sets. Pax perform 11s running each set of stairs between sets. Exercises are Burpees and Jump Squats. Perform 10 Burpees at the bottom of the first set of stairs, run to top hitting every step, perform 1 Jump Squat and run back to bottom hitting every step. Run to next set of stairs and continue until on 10th set of stairs 1 Burpee and 10 Jump Squats are completed. Run final quarter or track back to start and plank for the six.

Dora 1-2-3: Partner up and find your own set of stairs for 100 Merkins; 200 Flutter Kicks; 300 Squats. 1st partner exercises, 2nd partner runs to top of stairs and performs 5 Bobby Hurley’s, then returns. Partners swap and continue until all exercise reps are complete.

Mosey back to flags for COT!


Strong work by all! If you’re not feeling it in your legs later, you are a beast!

Special thank you to Hooch for bringing the keys to the castle! Couldn’t have done the workout without you.

Glad to see Tubbs back at it still with stitches in his hand and Pumking after recovering from his surgery!

I always enjoy seeing Chicken Noodle and Glass Joe in the gloom. No matter what they always have a smile on their face!

Prayers for the family of Tea Party’s patient who recently passed, 8Penny and Hoff’s brothers with their battles, R-X’s father in law and anyone else I may have missed.

Start filling up the April Q calendar!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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