Round and Round

QIC; Flight Nurse (VQ)

# of Pax 22  @HMP

Pax: Niles, WreckitRalph, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Mayhem, Haavahd, Embezzler, Tiny Dancer, Mr.Kotter, Nananatnanah(sp), Blade, Mr. T, Snickers, Minecraft, Uglystick, Capt. Ahab, Pony Express, Jiffy Pop, FNG(Mothership), FNG (Ninja Turtle), Hoff

Warmorama: SSH IC x20,  MerkinsIC x10

The Thang:

Indian Run to pull up bars. Find a partner, Partner 1 straps in to tire while the Partner 2 picks up a retaining wall brick.

Partner 1 begins tire pull counter clockwise around Goose Poop Island while Partner 2 heads clockwise pressing the brick overhead. This continues until meeting in middle (roughly), partners perform 10 handslap merkins and 10 squats, continue in the direction you were traveling.

Meet at pull up bars and perform 20 hs merkins/20 squats, swap instruments of pain and “round and round”. Meet at the middle 30 hs merkins/30 squats. Last round modified to 10hs merkins/10 squats.

A little Mary at the pull up bars while we waited on the 6 – Flutter kicks and American Hammers amounts unknown!!

COT: LETC’s buddy Stuart is struggling with health issues and needs prayer, Mr. T’s Dad lost his best friend, pray for family.

Welcome to @Ninja Turtle, @mothership, strong work fellas!!

Appreciate the opportunity to lead and be led, hopefully I didn’t forget anything.

F3 is more than a workout!!





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