March Madness at Stingray


PAX: EOM, Spin Doctor, Chop Shop, Tenenbaum, Butterfly, Venus, Sparky, Dino, Bam Bam, OTC, Baby Back, Snail Mail, Etch-a-sketch

AO: Stingray (Ogden Park)

QIC: Quatro


  • Little man SSH’s 15X IC
  • Hillbillies 15X IC
  • Cotton pickers 10X IC
  • Windmills 10X IC


#1  Mosey to the playground. Using a park bench: 20 decline merkins and 50 step ups (single count). Using a tree: 10 balls-to-the-wall merkins. Rinse and repeat.

#2  Mosey to the basketball court for the “Full Court Press” (in honor of March Madness). Partner up. One PAX on offense the other on defense. Starting at one end of the court, the defensive man face-guards the offensive man as he zig-zags and jukes to the other side. Partners switch positions and go back the other way. Both do 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Four (4) rounds of this.

#3  Leaving the basketball court, PAX ran on the road to the start of the baseball field parking lot. Stop and do 5 burpees at every street light. Run back to the skate park lot (no burpees on the way back).

#4  In the skate park lot: Elbow to ankle lunges to the middle island, walk the turn, Crawl Bear back. Three (3) laps.

#5  Short mosey to the big half pipe in the skate park. Plunge into the half-pipe (Venus chickened out of this!!), run up the side and do 10 dips, back to the other side, 10 dips. Repeat until YHC calls PAX smoked.

#6  Mosey to the football field and jump the fence into the field. Interval sprints (sprint-recover, sprint-recover…..) back and forth across the field until 6:15 on the dot. Mosey to the AO for the COT.


  • Counterama and Nameorama.
  • Spin Doctor shared that due to the support of F3 PAX, he was able to present three checks to three individual families following the Strut for Kids race. Strong, strong work men!!
  • YHC pushed for more VQ’s and non-regular Q’s to step up and fill the April workout calendar. Any of us are joyfully willing to help plan VQ’s. F3 is about learning to lead then stepping up to lead.
  • PAX formed a beautiful, pungent, slimy man-ball and YHC closed in prayer.

An honor as always my brothers. Until next time…

Quatro out!










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