Monster Factory Classic Rock Circuit

Date: 3/19/18

Where: Ogden Park, Monster Factory

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 16

Pax: Shrek, Etch A Sketch, EOM, Tenenbaum, Babyback, Chop Shop, Yankee, Knucklebuck, Zuckerberg, Bam Bam, Coffeebean, Dino, Snail Mail, BTB, OTC.

Warm-up: Seal Claps x25IC

Mountain Climbers x20IC

Quick Warm up because YHC wasn’t to sure how long one of the two circuits was going to take and I already knew the second would be 20 minutes; SOOOO, LETS GO! Mosey to the parking lot near the picnic tables (or better known as the “YOUR LATE to your Q” parking lot if you’ve ever been late to your Q…Definitely NOT speaking from experience…….)

The Thang:

Circle Up.

YHC called the cadence, Pax performed like a Diesel engine…just kept purrin’…we had some classic rock in the background if pax needed some background music because all that YHC heard was numbers being called perfectly in sync.

100 Side Straddle Hop IC


Freddie Mercuries x25IC


Flutterkicks x50IC

50 Side Straddle Hop IC

Squats x25IC (Down 1,2,3 Up)

Monkey Humpers x25IC

Squats x25IC (Down 1,2,3 Up)

Monkey Humpers x20IC

50 Side Straddle Hop IC

Merkins x25 Single Count IC

Alternating Shoulder Taps x25 Single Count IC

Merkins x25 Single Count IC

Mak Tar Jives x10IC

50 Side Straddle Hop IC

Heels to Heaven x25IC

Hello Dollies x25IC


Oscillating Heel Taps x25IC


Mosey to the NEW pull up bars


YHC instructed the PAX that the next portion of the beatdown would be a 20 minute Tabata workout. 20 rounds, on the minute.

5 Pull Ups

10 merkins

15 Squats

If a Pax did not complete the exercises asked of within the minute, we all would complete 1 burpee for each pax that missed the goal. We did 1 at the end. STRONG WORK!

We got through 15 rounds…we had 5 more to go! Ran out of time….and I don’t like to miss my timings for a beatdown. Apologies everyone didn’t get the full experience. Time to go home…mosey to the COT.


Thanks for the EC Ruck BTB! Missed you Zuck!

Coffeebean – wen I wrote that workout I thought of you and how much you LOVE to run!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed that as much as I did…not much yardage covered at all but I felt it was a full body circuit breaker.

Congrats to all Pax who ran the Marathon of Half Marathon this past weekend.

Prayers for Dino’s son who is struggling with migraines.

Prayers to Cracker who is about to become a Dad. You are going to crush it bud.

Prayers to all those who protect us both foreign and domestic.

There is something about Q’ing a workout that gets you jacked up! I LOVE IT!!! If you haven’t done it, don’t question yourself, just do it! We have your 6!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead gentleman!

Until next time..

Venus OUT!




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