DATE: 3/19/18

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Crosswalk, TinyTank, Donut, Hooch, TeaParty, TrolleyStop, GlassJoe, Minecraft, Longhorn, Moab, RX, Kingpin, BottleRocket


SSH x40 IC


2-column Indian run to the BigRock

Preview run through 1/3 mile circuit.

Complete AMLAP with a min of 3.  Circuit exercise stations included:

  • Pull-ups x20
  • Bench-Bridge-Spider-Merkins x20
  • Donkey-Kick-Fence-Jumps x20
  • Box-Jumps x20
  • BigRock-Derkins x20

Mary on the 6

2-column Indian run back to Flags


  • TinyTank is getting noticeably faster, strong work brother!
  • RX – I love the pull-up modification…like a SpiderMonkey!
  • Minecraft was steady like a tractor. Nice having you join us down south.
  • GlassJoe decided to flip-the-script and start arriving early so he can stretch his hammies.
  • Welcome back Longhorn, keep up the great work, it will only get easier!
  • Strong work Kingpin, way to hang in there!
  • Great job to all the runners this past weekend especially SirMix completing his 1st 50 miler!!
  • Prayers for Beth (Minecraft) recovering from a triple-by-pass, Johnny (RX) having some testing done, TinyTank’s sister & brother-in-law going through a tough time and my brother, Kirk, who needs desperately to face his demons.

Motivated group this morning, it was a pleasure to lead!!
-8penny out!



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