Heavy Stik

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 3-19-18

# of PAX: 16

PAX: LETC, The Adjuster, Tiny Dancer, Blade, Seahorse, Hahvahd, Snickers, FNG Embezzler aka Kevin May, Smiles, Mayhem, Brady, Jiffy Pop, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Mr. T.

Warm Up:

Seal Claps x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC


-Mosey to the bottom of the hill next to the tennis courts for Bears and Bells.
Essentially you inch worm to the top of the hill with your KB in tow. Snickers you were correct that we were technically supposed to bear crawl then drag them from between our legs forward. But like I said as Salt Works, “the best part about being the Q, is you’re always right :)”
-Circle up for Blocktanamo – hold KB straight out front while PAX take turns going around the circle pushing each PAX KB down. Everyone got real fast towards the end!
-Back to the bottom of the hill for Snap Shots. Do a squat with KB then toss KB as far forward as possible until you reach the top of the hill. I’m sure Parks and Rec is still trying to figure out what in the world made all those divots…
-Berkins – a 6 count exercise from the best YHC could determine as we did them in cadence. It is a squat jump with your KB then merkin and back on your feet. This was a sleeper exercise.
-Partner up for Devin Hester’s – start with partner running with KB having a 4 second start to get to the other end of the parking lot, then down to 3 when we switched. That wasn’t hard enough so we do it again except up and down the hill.
-Circle up for Elf on Shelf x 20. Start with the KB on the ground beside you. Grab the KB and lift it from the ground across your body reaching up as high as you can. Like putting it on a shelf. After a set from right to left then do left to right.
-Hot Potato – on your 6 face your partner and lock ankles. Pass KB to partner 1 who does a big boy sit-up then passes to partner 2 who completes a bb sit-up. Repeato until each PAX has done 20.
-Staying with your partner do 20 KB swings at the top of the hill then 20 over head press at bottom.
-Mosey back to flags for some mary – 20 Flutter Kicks with KB held high then 20 American Hammers with KB.
-End with Sally except we held the bottom of the squat with our KB’s when we brought sally down instead of planks.


-Welcome FNG Embezzler aka Kevin May!
-It was great Q’ing at HMM since it has been quite a while! Thank you all for humoring me!
-T-claps to the EC ruckers.
-Thanks for the Salt Works invite Seahorse!
-T-claps to Jiffy Pop for stepping up to take over KB duty!
-Nice lip caterpillar Smiles! Reminds me of when Heisenberg went through that stage.

F3 Workouts…

Are free of charge
Are open to all men
Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
End with a Circle of Trust

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

Ugly Stik, out!



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