Chasing Leprechauns

DATE: 03/17/2018

AO: Silverfox

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 14

PAX: Dixie Chick, Mr. Miyagi, Niles, Sparky, Blue Steel, Chop Shop, Dino,
8 Penny, Seahorse, Rx, THE Hoff, Moab, Glass Joe

While many PAX were running the half marathon, marathon, or 50 miler 14 PAX gathered for the Baywatch/Silverfox St. Patrick’s Day convergence. As Hoff pointed out YHC is Italian not Irish however I have been to Ireland, I like Guinness and Irish whiskey so I think that qualifies me to Q today(and I wore green).


Sealclap X 25 IC
Imperial Walker X 25 IC
Inchworm with trunk rotation X 5 each side
Burpees X 10 OYO


YHC made a playlist to ease the pain of the workout made up of Irish artists in honor of St. Paddy’s day.

Bataan Death March – Indian run variation with the last man dropping to do 5 burpees before running to the front of the line. Run around the perimeter of the school to end at the playground.

Every minute on the minute circuit
PAX split up among 10 stations on the playground. 45 seconds of exercise with 15 of rest/move to next station.
Jump up and kiss the Blarney Stone – box jump down to incline merkin
Shuffle burpees
American Hammer
Leprechaun leap aka jump knee tuck
Makhtar N’Diaye with a squat thrust
Hanging knees to chest
Merkin Jacks
Lunge with arm extension

1 minute rest after each set then rinse and repeat X 2 for a total of 3 sets

Ring of Fire
PAX circle up and then bear crawl clockwise until Q says stop
PAX then hold plank while each PAX completes called exercise around the circle
Merkin X 10
Shoulder tap X 10
Diamond merkin X 5

Sprints/backwards run X 3


Prayers for those running their respective races today.

Lots of mumblechatter between Hoff and Dino at the beginning of the circuit. Things quieted down during the second set.
Hoff seemed to perk up again when Sinead came on – Mandinka!
Glass Joe – glad you enjoyed the Cranberries – good luck with baby #2 on the way- keep us posted
Dino – I hope it was worth getting out of the fartsack and driving south
Double Check – great to see you at coffeteria – next time come at 7:00 and work out with us
Niles – I can swing by your house next time so you don’t miss the warmup
Seahorse – great to see you back in the gloom
Snickers – thanks for having my six and scooping up the flag

Thanks for allowing me to lead today and thanks for inspiring me to be better

Tiny Dancer
Slainte 🍀



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