Gorillas on a string

Gorillas on a String
Date: 3-16-18
Where: HMP

Pax: Baby Back, Blue Steel, Busted Grill, Dixie Chic, Flight Nurse, Heisenberg, Johnny Cochran, Mr Kotter, Mayhem, Pony Express, SurfnTurf, THE Adjuster, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Wreckit Ralph, and (FNG) Jiffy Pop (JP).

Fridays. FRIDAYS. They are always special at HMP. The weather is always a perfect clear and 55. Always a lot of pre-workout mumblechatter. And of course you can always feel the anticipation of the bacon and fellowship of JimbosandJesus. So let’s get it on and earn that bacon..

16 pax joined YHC for a classic OG beatdown.


Smurf SSH IC x20
Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Everyone is instructed to learn the home town of 2 pax before COT.

Tha Thang- We did pearls on a string using the outer loop – 1.6 miles.

Sprint 100 yds (or so) plank for 6. Do 20 of called exercise OYO. Rinse and repeat.

Prisoner squats
Copperhead squats
Wide arm merkins
We detoured from outer loop at pull-up bars for a bonus routine, OYO.
10 pull-ups
20 knees to chest
40 dips
Back to pearls
Diamond merkins
Alabama ass kickers
Mike Tysons
Air box jumps
Dead stop merkins
Sprint to finish, mosey to flag
5 burpees
Saved by the bell


CoT- YHC learned that Baby Back is from Barbecue (yep), and our FNG Jiffy Pop is from Raleigh. All of the pax did a great job learning a bit more about there brothers. Prayers for the marathoners. Prayers to live the bold life to which a God calls us.

Tclaps to BabyBack for EHing Jiffy Pop. He ventured south from his typical Stingray to shield lock with him. Heard him say HMP might be the best AO around. FMB has our ghost flag and he fartsacked. A flogging is in order. Tclaps to F3Leland. We are missing the Leland pax but are jacked watching them give it away.

Was thinking this morning about our F3 peer pressure thing. All our lives Mom has said stay away from the peer pressure. We pressure guys to be their best physical selves. We pressure them to be better husbands and fathers. We pressure them to examine and share their faith. Mom didn’t know there could be such peer pressure. Thanks pax.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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