Best AO in Brunswick County – Week 2


AO : F3 Leland – Leland Town Hall Park

QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 15

PAX : Snickers, Edger, Deputy Dawg, Brady, Man Hands, UFO, Balthazar, Baby Daddy, Chattahoochee, Mac-N-Chuck, Cover Charge (FNG), Red Hots (FNG), Flood (FNG), Roll Back (FNG)


Week 2 of F3 Leland kicked off with 15 pax, 4 of which were FNG’s (1 FNG even brought his brother) gotta love it when a FNG EHing before they’ve rung the first bell.

Warm Up


Cotton Pickers x20IC


The Thang

Mosey over to the light pole beside the playground

From there we launch DORA .5-1-2-3

(all rep counts are cumulative & ALL pax will finish together – help another pair when you’re done)

50 Partner Derkins / 100 Bobby Hurley’s / 200 CrabJacks / 300 Squats

Partners stay together during derkins – after derkins split & P1 starts reps while P2 runs

Run to next light pole (~75yds) – 8ct Body Builder x3 – Run back – FlapJack


All pax finished together with only a few pax needing a little assistance.


Now we mosey…

Mosey with partner around path back toward parking lot & flag. While running get to know your partner (hospital name, age, interests, job, etc)

End back at the flag just in time for Mary…


Flutter Kicks x20IC

100’s x24IC


COT / Moleskins

Strong work by everyone! It’s always fun to post with new pax!

Leland is starting strong, 10 FNG’s in the first 2 weeks! You boys across the river keep EHing & growing!

T-Claps to Snickers, he’s killing it!

Convergence @ Silver Fox – tomorrow 0700.

Handful of Cape Fear pax, and lots of pax from other regions running the WB Half / Full tomorrow. Go support if you can.

Ruck opportunities coming up – 20mi night ruck with Heisenberg 03/17, 10mi coupon ruck w/ Snickers & Flight Nurse 03/17, 20mi night ruck w/ Snickers & Flight Nurse 03/23, ruck training w/ BTB & others 03/31 @ WB Park 0300 start.


Thanks for allowing me to lead!


Until next time…






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