DATE: 3/14/18

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: Niles, HeySeuss (FNG), Trump, Seahorse


SSH x20 IC
Hill-Billy’s x20 IC


 Head out for a rucking speed tour of the park.

Good Samaritan stop to help a distressed damsel find the park her son was supposed to be playing soccer at.

Continue tour until embarking on the ideal, randomly-hand-selected site for a little DORA.

DORA 1-2-3:

  • (100) ruck-push-presses
  • (150) ruck-curls
  • (200) Bobby Hurly’s
  • While one partner exercises, the other runs to the twisted tree, does plank-jacks x5 and runs back

Back to the tour until arriving at the hill by the tennis courts.  Bear crawl hill to parking lot.

Continue back to AO


  • Seahorse’s 2.0, Sydnie, was there and said hi before the work-out. She looked good and was back at school today.  So nice to see her doing better!
  • V-Ruck for Niles who brought his 2.0, HeySeuss (FNG), great to have you guys join us!
  • Strong work by all, no problem staying warm in the wind!
  • Continued prayers for Sydnie and Hoff’s brother.


A pleasure to lead!!

-8penny out!



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