Orienteering 101: Facing True North


PAX: LETC, Busted Grill, Snail Mail, Flounder, The Adjuster, Chop Shop, Flight Nurse, Snickers, Fire Marshall Bill, Pony Express, Etch-a-sketch, Bam Bam, Blade, Ugly Stick, EOM, Venus, OTC, Yankee, Baby Back, Butterfly, Sparky, Spin Doctor

AO: Stingray (Ogden Park)

QIC: Quatro


  • Little man SSH’s 15X IC
  • Jump backs 10X IC
  • Windmills 10X IC
  • Reverse pickle pumpers 10X IC


YHC read from Hebrews 12:1-2 where the writer encourages us to “throw off the weight that slows us down…the sin that trips us up…to run with endurance the race God has set before us…by always LOOKING TO JESUS.

I titled this workout “The North Face”.

As we walk through life, we must always acknowledge our need for Christ. We’re not strong enough, smart enough, talented enough, etc. to be High Impact Men. We need to always live with our eyes, hearts, minds turned upward (north) looking to Christ for everything.

That said, PAX were instructed to face due north for the entire workout, using the water tower and skate park as a frame of reference. As in life, things get really tough when we take our eyes off of Jesus…so…if a PAX turned away from north he was to do 5 burpees (YHC did 10). This proved to be more mental than physical.

  • Mosey to the gravel parking lot and zig-zag between the parking blocks.


  • Line up in the field just beyond the lot and start running in place for what I called “Grass Drills”. Run in place until a PAX shouts “DROP”, drop to stomach and jump back up (essentially a burpee). Rotated through each PAX calling out “drop”.


  • Mosey to the new pull-up bars for 3×3. Three rounds of three exercises: #1 40 knees-to-chest (hanging from bars). #2 Mosey to picnic tables, 40 incline merkins. #3 Mosey to coupon pile, 60 SSH’s pushing coupons over head. Mary for the 6 at coupon pile.


  • Each PAX pick up one large coupon and mosey to the football field. Jump the fence into the field. Starting at one end of the field, coupon in tow, do: 10 long jumps (really side jumps because we were facing north), run to the other side. 10 longs jumps, run back. We did this across the entire field one time before running out of time. PAX ran the coupons back to the pile then moseyed to the AO for the COT.


  • Counterama and Nameorama.
  • Flight Nurse requested prayer for Hasselhoff who is dealing with some challenges.
  • Advisory Council meeting tomorrow night at Brewers Kettle, 6:45 PM.
  • Flounder mentioned the Blue Ridge Relay in September. Need a few more runners.
  • Closed out in a man-ball with a Snickers prayer.

I’m thankful to call all of you brothers. Let’s give this thing called F3 away! Wives, children, families, relationships, workplaces, churches, communities…need a lot more HIM’s!!

Always an honor and a blessing,

Quatro out!










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