Merkin Ladder, 11’s, Hundreds and the Return of the Pickle Pumpers

When: 3/14/2018

QIC: Mayhem

The Pax: Kingpin, Crosswalk, Smiles, Tom Sawyer, Bottle Rocket (FNG), Sunshine, Tiny Dancer, Hahvahd and Wreck It Ralph.

35 degrees and perfect weather for Hump Day

Warm up

20x Side Saddle Hops IC

20x Imperial Walker

20x Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Indian run out of the parking lot circle back to the lower parking lot.

10 count to recover

Merkin Ladder – 10 Merkins at the top of the hill in the parking lot run down to the fence at the bottom of the hill and back.  9 Merkins rinse and repeat until you get to 0.

Mosey to the tennis courts


Burpees on one side- Karaoke to the bench – LBC on the other side- Sprint back

Mosey to the first speedbump 10 x Merkins, mosey to the next speedbump and volunteer-led 10 x exercise, run to the next speed bump repeat at each speedbump until we arrived at the stop sign/intersection.

Indian run back to the AO


Hundreds 20x

LBC 10x

Pickle Pumper 10x

Tom Sawyer needs someone to fill in the Q for him Saturday

Over and out Mayhem


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