Over the bridge we go.

When: 03-13-2018

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: Flight Nurse, Sir-mix-a lot, the Hoff, Rx, Trolleystop, and Chicken Noodle

The temperature was 35 degrees.  We should warm-up.

Warm UP

  • 20x Side Saddle Hops IC
  • 10x Cherry Pickers IC
  • Cherry Picker position, stretching to the left, right, and middle.
  • Now we stretch our quads.
  • The Hoff wants to know “…is this a Fia workout?” No Hoff, we should stretch before our workout.

The Thang

  • Over the bridge we go toward Carolina Beach some went fast some went slow, how far we went no one knows. Between 3.75 and 4.74 miles. A great start to the day.


  • Prayers for Hoff’s Brother and Seahorse’s daughter.

Thank you gentlemen for helping me get stronger and learning to lead the way.



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