Date: 3/12/18

AO: Stingray (MonsterFactory)

QIC: Sparky

PAX:  Quatro, EOM, ChopShop, Zuckerberg, Snail Mail, BTB, Baby Back, Knuckle Puck, Etch-A-Sketch, Sparky (R)


Gave normal disclosure.

Read Eph:22-24

No other warm-up, off to the Thang

The Thang:

Mosey to the Rock Pile north of the pond

Q assigned partners

Q ask the question about if marriage should be 50/50 between husband and wife.  Explained that in order for marriage to work, it needs to be 100%/100%.  Example:  If wife and husband are a team and they start on one goal line and each give 50%, they only make it to the 50 yard line

With your partner do the following exercises, 30 reps each, except as noted:

Burpees X 10

Curls (30 per arm)


Overhead squat press

Flutter kicks (4 count)

Run south around the round-a-bout and back


Same partners do the following exercises:



Shoulder taps (30 per shoulder)

Overhead Cleans

Hello Dolly’s


Mosey to the new pull-up bars

Q ask PAX to pick a new partner, one the is closer to their workout ability, so they could push each other.  Q assigned unequal partners the first time to demonstrate a point later

Read Eph 5:25-33

Talked about how today, there seems to be a lot of issue with this scripture.  Gave a little insight that if the husband loved his wife like Christ loved the Church, wives would not have an issue being lead by the husband provided he was leading by God’s word.


With partner complete the following exercises, 30 reps each except as noted:

Burpees X 10




Mountain Climbers Merkins (switched to Mountain Climbers, Q saw the time was going to be close)

Toes to bar

Monkey Humpers

Knees to chest

Heals to heaven

Seal Claps


Last group of exercises with partner, 30 reps each:

Burpees X 10

Crunchy Frogs

Donkey kicks

Backward lunges (from the pull-up bars toward the shed)



X Factor




American Hammers



Out of time…  Jail break back to the flags

Explained the partner switch were you chose a partner more compatible with you, like you should chose a wife that is equally yoked.

30 exercises with 30 reps each in honor of myself and M’s 30th wedding anniversary


  • Prayers for Sydnie, @Seahorse and Okra daughter
  • Prayers for PAX that have been out of the gloom for a while, try reaching out to them.
  • Prayers for our men and women ins service and first responders
  • Prayers for God guidance in our lives


As always, an Honor to lead





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