Cool Runners

Date: 3/8/18


# of PAX: 4

PAX: Trump, Pony Express, Glass Joe


Line up single file and Indian Run to the UNCW track (1.1 miles from HMP for those wanting to know)

At the track, we ran:

  • 800m (2 laps)
  • 400m (1 lap) backwards
  • 1200m (3)
  • 400m backwards
  • 1600m (4)
  • 400m backwards
  • the plan was the work back down, but we ran out of time, so we just ran laps until it was time to go (I got two laps in)

Line back up for Indian Run back to the flag


  • I had us at 6+ miles at a 7:45 pace! That includes running backwards, stopping at intersections, waiting for the SIX, and explaining instructions!
  • Prayers for Seahorse’s daughter to recover from her illness.

That’s it today! It was a privilege and an honor!

BTB – over and out



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