F3 Leland Launch!!!!!


QIC: Snickers

Pax: 26 in total YHC, Balthazar, Edger, Clavin, The Bream (Whiteville), Pedro (Whiteville), FNG-U.F.O, Free Bird (Whitewille), Boo Boo (Whiteville), FNG-Chattahoochee, Last, Niles, FNG-Bluegrass, LETC, FNG-Man Hands, Ike, flight nurse, Blade, Mr. T, Baretta, Trump, Venus, Unglystik, Dutchoven, Dept. Dawg, Tank Top (Whitewille)

Warmorama: SSH ICx25, Windmill IC x 20, and Cotton Pickers IC x15

The Thang:

This is the day I have been waiting for since my first post on November 2, 2017, F3 Leland!!! F3 CapeFear has forcefully moved into a new county with plans to add days and expand outward. I am so grateful for the support of my band of brothers. This is the reason I am all in. I didn’t know how bad I needed F3 until I posted the first time!! There are lots of other guys just like me in Leland just waiting to get EH’ed.

Very grateful for the 5 Whiteville (the “t” is silent so we were told) guys that Clown Car-ed to Leland and the 10 Wilmington Brothers who come out for our Birthday!!!

I adjusted the workout from Wednesday to make it a little bit easier but not much:) We did a modified four corners. More like a four cones in Z formation(In living Color reference) Everyone started at the White Basket. From the white basket the PAX bear crawled to cone #1 where they completed 10 Burpees, Then High knees to the cone #2 where they completed 10 Merkins, Then Butt Kickers to Cone #3 where they completed 10 squats, Then a mosey to Cone #4 where they completed 25 LBC and run back to White Basket. End of Round one!! Not too bad right? Each round you added 10 Burpees, and doubled everything else. So round one 10/10/10/25, round two 20/20/20/50, Round three 30/40/40/100, and Round four 40/80/80/200…… Everyone warmed up quickly!!!

We wrapped up at 6:05 to allow time to name the 4 FNG’s and record the nameorama. No one complained for stopping early:)

Over all a very successful New AO Launch!!! Now time to Grow this thing!!!

COT: Lots of encouraging and selling F3 Leland to the FNG’s. Great morning and lots of excitement.

9 PAX joined us after for Our very first BO time!!!

Strong work Everyone. As always it was a honor and privilege to Q the workout today. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT



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