On the fly

When: 03-07-2018

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: Tubbs, Glass Joe, Hooch, Tea Party, Nomad, Stiffler’s Mudder, Merit Badge, Rx

Had a little scheduling mix-up…no worries we called an audible and stepped up.  Let’s make this up on the fly.

Warm UP

  • 30x Side Saddle Hops IC
  • 25x Moroccan Night Club IC
  • 20x Cherry Pickers IC
  • Cherry Picker position, stretching to the left, right, and middle.
  • Now we stretch our quads.

The Thang

  • Let’s mosey to the shelter.
  • 25x Dips IC
  • 25x Flutter Kicks IC
  • Let’s Mosey some more…
  • Mosey Side Stepping facing left, Side Stepping Facing Right, butt-kickers, high stepping as we go.
  • Stop in the parking lot. Partner DORA – sprints and 75 Merkins
  • Sprint to the next stop
  • Lunge Walk approx. 75 yards
  • Next Stop, Curtesy of Tubbs 30x Air Squats IC
  • Mosey… Next stop, Partner DORA – sprints, pull-ups, dips (3 rounds)
  • Indian Run back to the flag.  Last man stopping and doing 10x LBCs. Sprint to the front.
  • Finish with some MARY…20x Boxcutters IC, 20x LBCs IC, 15x LBCs IC, and 10 American Hammers.


  • Prayers for Rx Father-in-Law, Seahorse’s daughter.

Thank you, ERx, for helping keep the time.  Thank you to gentlemen for helping me get stronger and learning to lead the way.



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