Leprechaun’s Night Out

The Leprechaun night out

AO: Hugh MacRae Park

QIC: YHC Deputy Dawg

PAX: 18) Dixie Chick, Heisenberg, Mr. T, Cross Walk, FNG (Matlock), Tiny Dancer, Busted Grill, Wreck it Ralph, Captain Ahab, Fire Marshall Bill, Pony Express, Last, Escobar, Mayhem, Pumking, Torro,

Warm Up:

(20) Side Straddle hop inc.

(15) Cotton Pickers inc.

(15) Wind mills inc.

(15) Imperial Walkers inc.



The Thang:

So the story goes there was a Leprechaun

His name obviously was Shamus

Shamus like all Irish liked to drink

A lot

So one night he decided to go out and enjoy himself

First hour he went 4 rounds at 4 pubs with his friend Jameson

He would Skip and Sprint between pubs,

He had soo much fun he decided to do it again

With his cousin Guiness,

Again skipping and sprinting between.

So much fun had he that he half drunk, ran around the town

Looking for more friends

His Friends and he ran and sprinted back home to bed knowing the night was soon over

Poor Shamus slap drunk Cramled and jumped all the way home.

Ending his night of fun with a hammer banging the inside of his head.




The OG’s got the thangs started by a light mosey to the Baseball field and received instructions for the Four Corners. Instructions were as follows PAX’s were to high knee skip to right field and commit to 10 Prisoners, reverse lunge complete kneel step up to opposite lunge and raise to a squat and repeat for a total of 10 reps. PAX would then hard sprint to center of outfield for 10 Prisoners with additional 20 Merkins. PAX then high knee skipped to left field for          10 Prisoners, 20 Merkins, and 30 Mountain Climbers 2 count. PAX finished the relay with a hard sprint home to finish 10 Prisoners, 20 Merkins, 30 Mountain climbers, and 40 LBC (crunches).

All exercises were completed so successfully I voted for a 2nd relay to insure the PAX were getting their money’s worth. The 2nd relay mirrored the first in high knee, sprint, high knee, and sprint around the outfield lines. In this relay PAX would complete 10 burpees at right field, 20 3pt. shots at center field, 30 V-ups at left field and brought it home with 40 reverse lunges.

When the PAX completed their reps, I felt the PAX were in need of a “Recovery” run so a mosey from the AO and around Goose Poop island was in order. Once around Goose Poop we headed back to the AO in true Gorilla Fashion, Indian Runs on the straight away home. Upon reaching the AO I saw the clock was still giving us time to work. PAX split up in 2 groups, 1 set of 9 did 3 Sets of spider merkins, then bear crawled for distance to do another set of 3 spider merkins. When the first set of 9 got to the half way the second set of 9 lined up on the line and did the same. Pax completed the exercise 3 times.


COT: All PAX did a great job and strong work all around. I asked the PAX humbly for criticism on Slack in DM’s. It truly was an honor to lead such a great group of Men. Every single one is a HIM in my book. Thank you for beating the fart sack and DRP.


One FNG showed up today and was crowned Matlock. It was awesome leading the work out, but having the ability to name an FNG made today all the more special.


We remembered Sea Horses Daughter in prayer as she was heavily on our minds.



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