Ruck’n Run

Wrightsville Beach

AO: Turbo Tuesday

QIC: Trump

# of PAX: 3

PAX: Venus, 8-Penny

T’was a beautiful morning with the warm ocean breeze cutting through the cool air. BTBs home turf must be done proud. Three Heavy commits showed up, so we threw on the Rucks.

Warm Up (w/ Ruck on)


Mountain Climbers x30IC

Cotton Pickers x20IC

The Thang (w/ Ruck on)

Mosey towards Lumina. Run 2 blocks,  recover 1. Make the turn and run over the bridge to the municipal parking lot entrance. Recover Ruck for a bit and then back at it towards the beach. We Soaked in the awesome sunrise as we made our way onto the beach but not for long, 50 Merkins OYO. Run back to the COT!

Mary…never heard of her

COT / Moleskins

Thankful for two of my brothers that showed up to get stronger, as I wasn’t sure if it would just be me.

Thank you Lord for another day in this beautiful place we call home. Help us to stay focused on you as we battle through life’s everyday challenges and struggles.

8-Penny gave a great analogy this morning as we were discussing, as you most often find yourself doing, how awesome F3 is. “It’s like being back with your neighbor gang, when you were growing up again,” he said. It’s so true. It’s so comforting to always be riminded that we have a ban of brothers that you can always talk you, count on, grow from/with, and lock shields with as we all  go through life’s ups and downs. I’m so unbelievably proud of this group. Where we came from, who we are now, and where we are going! Excited to see what the future holds!

– Your brother Trump



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