Recovery Run


AO: Run Forest Run / UNCW

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 12

PAX: Tank, Dagger Board, Money Gun, Sweater Vest, Fat Back, Heisenberg, Morpheus, Hoveround, Pony Express, Snickers, Seahorse

With YHC still feeling the effects of the Fort Fisher Ruck, 10 pax went for a few recovery miles, while Snickers & Seahorse went for a ruck.

Warm Up


Cotton Pickers x20IC


The Thang

Mosey out toward College past the tennis courts – right on the CCT trail path – all the way across & right on Randall – down Randall past the water tower – around the curve & ending at the parking structure.

YHC hung back for a few stretches to get my legs right while the rest of the pax made their way up the ramps to the top. YHC headed up the ramp, meeting the lead pax on the way down. Rinse & Repeat.

Head back to the flag via Chancellor’s Walk.

All in we covered ~4 miles.


Flutter Kicks x25IC (Heisenberg)


COT / Moleskins

Was awesome to see Seahorse back ITG! Strong work! Hope that knee keeps healing well.

Good reports from Seahorse regarding Sydnie. Prayers for her to continued  recovery!

WB Marathon & Half Marathon – 03/17 – Tank, Hoveround, Cracker & more running. Go show your support!

Strut for Kids – 03/10 – Check Slack for Spin Doctor’s posts about. 0630 pre race workout @ Holly Tree Elementary.

F3 Leland – SOFT Launch TOMORROW 03/07 & OFFICIAL Launch 03/09! Make the trip across the river if you can! T-Claps Snickers!


Thanks for allowing me to lead, it is always an honor!

Until next time…







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