Chunkin’ it Out

# of PAX: 16

PAX: Tea Party, Nomad, Hooch, Shortrib, Tiny Tank, Tubbs, Trolley Stop, Sunshine, Epo, Tombstone, RX, Glass Joe, Pumking, Rocket Queen, Crosswalk, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


SSH x 10, IC

Curb Stretches | For the Ft. Fisher Ruckers

The Thang

Begin Mosey to the pull-up bars.

Along the way, stop. Partner up. Partners face one another alongside walk and start doing mirror burpees.  One partner completes a burpee and then the other partner completes a burpees.  10 EA, then 5 more EA, then 5 more EA, then 5 more EA (total = 50).



Mirror Burpees | 5 more EA, then 5 more EA, then 5 more EA (new total = 80)



Mirror Burpees | 5 more EA, then 5 more EA (new total = 100)

Mosey | Arrive at Pull-Up Bars.

Partner 1 runs to tennis fence & return (about 400m) while Partner 2 does AMRAP of 8 squats, 4 merkins, 2 pull-ups keeping count of total squats. Rinse and repeat 4 x’s.

When all teams have completed 4 rounds, pax line up facing partner along sidewalk for mirror squats.  All teams do squats until their total count reaches 200.

For fun, Mirror Burpees | 5 more EA.

Mosey back to flags.


Strong work by 16 PAXs!

LoTide Run upcoming on March 17th.  Register (5K or 10K) and enter as F3 Cape Fear team.  Fastest 5 times comprise our time. Remember, even if you are mosey-pace pax like YHC, you ENABLE someone else to finish in our top 5!

Sir_Mix is running a 50 miler – lots of sand and Bald Island – ask him for the details – pray for him.

Great work by Sunshine.  Workout # 2 is the hardest and you v. you won w/ 45 minutes of continuous movement amidst the best brotherhood on Earth.

Way to go Tiny Tank and Epo – back at it after many miles on Saturday during the Ft. Fisher Ruck.  These stretches were for you!  Dilly, Dilly!!!!

Tombstone – way to go – coconut telegraphs reports you completed a 5K w/o pause – strong work!

Glass Joe, Trolly Stop, Tiny Tank – all were flying on the 400M intervals.

Crosswalk – nothing like a clown car full of HC’s – way to bring ‘em!  We are going to get you a van so you can fill that with FNG’s.

Tea Party just keeps going and going.  Great to see Rocket Queen – obviously, his work keeps him moving as his squat form was right on!

Prayers for Seahorse’s daughter who is coming home from the hospital, for RX’s father-in-law, Johnny, who has a condition that YHC spell, but diverts protein to the wrong places in his systems, and for the Hoff’s brother.

Prayers for all wearing a uniform, serving others, in any capacity, at home or abroad.

Strong Work!!!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

SE F3HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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