Backblast post: Stingray

Date: 3\5\2018

QIC: Chopshop

19 Pax went to school to find out what an inchworm merkin were. Moseyed to the parking lot and did sevens. which was inchworm merkin to the other side, then one burpee and bear crawl back to the other side and do six squats. Rinse and repeat. Those who did manage to finish did some DORA’s which were, 100 step-ups, 200 coupon curls, 300 LBC, and 400 squats.

The pax, Snailmail, Uglystick, Dino, Venus, Bob The Builder, Spin Doctor, Butterfly, Babyback, knuckle puck, Yankee, Shrek, Sparky, OTC, Sleeper (Winston Salem), EOM, Quatro, 8 Penny, Bam Bam, Chopshop.


SSH IC x25

Cotton pickers IC x 20

5 burpees oyo



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