The Seven

Date: 3/3/18

QIC: The Adjuster

6 PAX descended upon Baywatch for a brisk Saturday morning workout (probably should have combined workouts today with the Ruckers out conquering the City of Wilmington)

The 6 included:  Surf and Turf, Tank, Sleeper (F3 Winston-Salem), Crosswalk, Spin Doctor


SSH IC x 40

Moroccan night clubs IC x 40

Cotton Pickers IC x 20


Indian run through Harbor Island around the traffic circle down the beautiful Live Oak Dr. to the Wrightsville United Methodist Church while we had a paparazzi follow close behind on his two wheel Harley/Moped (Surf and Turf)

The Seven included 7 different exercises in a Tabata like fashion of 45 seconds on and 45 seconds off for 2 rounds.  After completing each round we ran to a park on the water and back to complete another set

  1. Froggers
  2. Burpee high jumps
  3. Mountain climbers (IC)
  4. Sidewalk Sufers
  5. Merkins (How many can you do in 45 seconds?) Spin Doctor knocked out 45!
  6. Air squats
  7. Planks

Mosey back to the AO after 2 rounds for Mary and Plyo-Merkins

Heels to Heaven ICx25

Box Cutters ICx25

V-Ups ICx10

Flutter Kicks ICx25


Holly Tree Strut to benefit Childhood Cancer which is near and dear to Spin Doctors heart

Prayers for Seahorse and Okra’s 2.0 Sydney

Prayers for Crosswalks daughters friend battling Brain Cancer

Screaming Eagle has a new workout beginning this Thursday named Affordable Coupons

Prayers for the Ruckers today as they journey across the city

It was cool to get to know each of the PAX a little better today and as always thanks for allowing me to lead you today

The Adjuster




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