Glass Joe’s a n00b

Date: 3/2/18

21 PAX!  Epo, Pumking, Stiffler, FNG (Mr. Clean), Tea Party, Chanticleer, Crosswalk, Nomad, RX, Merit Badge, Chicken Noodle, Flamer, Siffler’s Mudder, FNG (Sunshine), Sir Mixalot, Goldilocks, Tiny Tank, Tubbs, The Mountie, Babyback, Glass Joe.

Q: Glass Joe

VQ Glass Joe planned to blow off the disclaimer, I mean what’s the likelihood of a new guy coming on his VQ (hadn’t seen a new guy in a while)?  Didn’t memorize much but alas, two dudes show up.  Ad-hoc the best disclaimer from memory (look to EPO for the nod of approval “you done well kid”) and roll out for warm up.  Props to Chanticleer and Babyback for traveling down for support.  First biff: sailed on past the ending cadence on the first exercise but recovered and forged ahead.  Next, forgot to say “recover!” but epo planking out and giving me the “say it n00b” look serves as an effective reminder.  Do a little hammy stretch, don’t wanna blow a hammy.

Jog, 21 (4 count) mountain climbers, 20 butt kicks and bizarre 10 (4 count) hold on hammys to try to loosen up a bit.

Off to hit it …


Workout is a suicide reverse DORA at the long speed humps.  Partner up.  One partner runs out to first speed bump and back while the other does switch kicks (Shaun T taught me those), flip the roles.  Next, one partner runs to second speed hump and back while second partner does burpees (8 penny taught me I’m slow with those), flip the roles.  Next, one partner runs to third speed hump and back while the other alternates between LBCs and imperial walkers (“AT ATs” for the star wars dorks) at desired intervals, flip the roles.  Finally, one partner runs to the furthest speed hump and back while the other alternates plank jacks and seal jacks at desired intervals (“or or” seal noises add a nice touch), flip the roles.

Once all completed rally up again.  Partners do 15 hand release, partner muricans (get the form right!  Needed trolley stop there to back me up).  Partners face each other, down on the chest, release the hands, push up and high five right hand to right hand, down, release, up, lefty-high five … do 15.  Get up, run as partners to fourth speed hump again, do 10 hand release partner muricans (hrpm), run back to first speed hump do 10 hrpms.  2 lines formed, Indians runs back to the start.  Pumking’s gregarious “whoops I didn’t realize I was in the back” yelp and sprint was a nice touch.

Back at start, circle up and did the pushup wave.  Each person starts down as neighbor finishes up, impromptu “wooooooh” cheer as the wave passes warmed the heart and the pace naturally picked up … screaming eagle’s got rhythm.


Prayer request from Crosswalk for friend Ana’s 2 year old daughter who was diagnosed with fairly advanced brain cancer.  Seahorse’s daughter and Hoff’s brother.

Holy bagels straight took over the Meister, the smarties got the Caesar on a Jalapeno bagel and discussed humility; the root of it, how to cultivate it and what’s so hard about it.

Thankful for Chanticleer dragging me out over a year ago, thankful for the regular screaming eagle crew showing up and working out.  Didn’t expect 21 deep but it was a blast.  Mr. Clean and Sunshine … come on back, great having you there.

Glass Joe out.




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