DATE: 2/28/18

QIC: 8penny

PAX: CityLife (FiA), EPO, TinyTank, UglyStik, TinyDancer, Etch-a-Sketch, CoffeeBean, Chowda (FiA), Pickel-Back (FiA), Milton, Rainbow (2.0)


SSH x20 IC
Squats x20 IC
Body Builders x10 OYO


2 Column Indian-Ruck to chin-up bars

Double-Ruckin-Relay – Partner-up.  Relay course is down path, over bridge, up stairs with right turn at top, follow street back to the chin-up bars.  Each partner must complete all exercises at each station.  Both rucks can only be carried by one partner at a time.  Must complete 3 laps.  Stations exercises:

  1. Partner w/out rucks bear-crawls bridge, partner with rucks lunge-walks bridge
  2. Incline Merkins x20
  3. Decline Merkins x20
  4. LBCs x50
  5. Merkins x20
  6. Squat-jumps x30
  7. Flutters-kicks x30 per leg
  8. Pull-ups x10

Single column Indian-Ruck back to the AO.


  • High-Flying-Motivation by all teams with a photo finish!  Unfortunately, there was no photo taken so…
  • Great to have Etch-a-Sketch and CoffeeBean out for their V-Ruck!
  • Love FiA’s competitive spirit, strong work ladies!
  • Happy Feb birthdays to TinyDancer, Etch & CoffeeBean!
  • Ft Fisher marathon ruck this Sat! Still looking for water station support.  Join Ft Fisher Ruck channel on Slack to HC for the event or offer availability for support.  There will be a patch for finishers!
  • Prayers for Seahorse and Okra’s daughter (Sydney), Ball-Bearing’s M & Hoff’s brother.

It was an honor to lead!!

-8penny out!



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