Four Corners of Death

DATE:  2/28/18

QIC: Stiffler

# of PAX: 11

PAX: YHC, Stiffler’s Mudder, Chicken Noodle, Rocket Queen, Hoff, Glass Joe, Hooch, Trolley Stop, Nomad, Tiny Tank, Tubbs


THE THANG: Pax met at site at 0530 for a Stiffler beat down. The PAX are gluten’s for punishment. Any who, the warm-up was as follows: 25 Side T-Hops, 20 American Hammers, and 25 Moroccan Night Clubs. The PAX struggled with this a bit. I thought I was working out with Stringray. But, I digress. Workout became with the Four Corners of Death. Each PAX runs from one corner to the next, while stopping and doing an exercise at each corner. First corner- 100 Merkins, Second corner- 50 Freddie Mercuries, Third corner- 100 squats, Fourth corner- 50 Carolina Drydocks. Second round of Four Corners of Death. First corner- 50 Diamond Merkins, Second corner- 50 LBCs, Third corner- 50 Lunges (25 per leg), Fourth corner- 50 Supermans. Last round of Corners of Death. First corner- 20 Burpees, Second corner- 20 (4 count) Flutter Kicks, Third corner- 20 Bobby Hurlies, Fourth corner- 20 (4 count) American Hammers. Once this is completed, PAX ran back to flags for an ab plank circle. During the ab plank circle, each PAX held a plank position and count to ten. This continued until each PAX had count to ten while the entire group held the plank.

Time is called.. Great job, PAX!


MOLESKINZ: Prayers for Seahorses daughter for her health and for the family for strength and peace of mind. Prayers for the Hoff’s brother who is battling some health issues. Prayers for courage, acceptance, and growth through this time. Prayers for American youth for mental health support, love, and encouragement as they experience difficult times at school and in life.

Fort Fisher Ruck happening this weekend. If you would like to join don’t feel the need to have a pack. Just go out and have some fun with your bros! Blood drive happening at Ashley High School on March 15th. Talk to Hooch for more details.

Give the love of Christ away today PAX! Be the light.

Thank you for the blessing to lead you wieners. Love y’all. Peace, Love, and Jesus.

Stiffler Out!




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