Golf at Run Day

DATE:  2/27/18

QIC:  Morpheus

# of PAX:  18 (9 runners, 9 ruckers)

PAX:  Blade, Mr. Kotter, Gobo, Busted Grill, Parrot Head, Ugly Stick, LETC, Fatback, Money Gun, Quarter-round, Daggerboard, 8-Penny, Pony Express, Heisenberg, Quattro, Trump, Venus, Morpheus

THE THANG:  Ruckers left for their thang, many having been there since 0500 for EC.  3.25 miles?  Strong work!

Runners paired up and selected 1 golf ball per 2-man team.

Run approx. 1.5 mi to Muni course.  At par 5 tee complex, 1 partner does 20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 flutter kicks (single count) (repeat all), while other partner runs to flag, places ball in hole and returns to tee.  Switch, other partner runs to flag and retrieves ball.  Both partners having run to flag, placed ball and returned to tee = 1 “par”.  Goal is to get as many “pars” as possible before time is called.

Time is called, PAX does 20 American Hammers in cadence.

Run approx. 1.5 mi back to AO.  Along way, pause at Mr. Kotter’s dead end trail for squats and hold for the Six.

MOLESKINZ:  Prayers for Seahorse’s daughter to feel better soon.  Ft. Fisher Ruck is coming up.  See Gogo or F3 website for details.  Be with our military, first responders and all those who protect and support us.  Help us to see those whom He would have us help.

It is an honor and a privilege to Q.  M



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