SE Spring Training

DATE: 2/26/2018

AO:  Screaming Eagle

# of PAX:  14

THE PAX:  Sparky, BG, Minecraft, Tubbs, Glass Joe, Nomad, Chicken Noodle, EPO, Crepe Face, Crosswalk, Tea Party, 8-Penny, Trolly Stop, The Mountie



SSH: 25, Hillbillies: 20, Moroccan Nightclub: 25


Moseyed over to the baseball field.  We divided into 5 groups.   Group one started at first base, the second group went to 2nd base, 3 rd group went to 3rd base, 4th group to one dugout, and 5th group to the other dugout.

From there the workout started and moved around the bases and outfield fence.

1st base did 10 jump tuck knees then cariocaed to 2nd based.  2nd base did 20 merkins then bear crawled to 3rd base.  3rd base did 30 LBC’s and cariocaed to home plate.  At home plate you did 40 squats.  After reaching home plate you went into the dugout and did 20 step ups on the bench, no bench warming, then you ran around the outfield fence to the other dugout and did 20 dips.  You then went to home plate and lunged to 1st base and started the 2nd inning.

Group 4 and 5 stated in the dugouts  with dips and step ups  respectively and then went into the baseball game.

We were able to get in 3-4 innings before we moseyed back to the flags.


Remember Chicken Noodle’s brother who is in Alaska serving in the Army. Continue to remember BG’s wife Susie and Sparky’s son Travis who is having wisdom teeth surgery.

Sparky gave a shout out to all who participated in the Miracles in Motion event on Saturday.

Tough Ruckers is this Wednesday night 18:45

Step Up For Soldiers BBQ cook off Saturday March 3rd @  Carolina Beach Lake.

Thanks for participating and putting in the hard work.











2nd base and








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