Tough Mother Ruckers

DATE: 2/21/18


# of PAX: 10-11 ish

PAX: Ugly Stik, Flight Nurse, Wendy Marsh (FNG and Flight Nurse’s M), Bono (ENC), Hoff, 8 Penny, Gobo, Milton, Rainbow (Milton’s 2.0), LETC (showed up for COT)


  • imperial walker x 20 IC
  • cotton pickers x 20 IC


  • line up in a single file line on the sidewalk heading towards Goose Poop Island
  • Caterico Indian Ruck to the top of the hill by the Memorial Wall
  • everyone in high plank for Tunnel of Love
    • pax will crawl under one PAX, step over next, all the way down the line, then get in line for next pax.
    • continue all the way to the planter  by the bridge
  • partner up for DORA 1-2-3
    • Cumulative Reps are:
      • 50- Turkish get ups
      • 150- step ups
      • 200- decline merkins
    • partner will bear crawl across bridge, ruck up to the parking spaces, ruck back, bear crawl across bridge, flapjack with partner
  • back in our line for Caterico Indian Ruck back to the flag


  • Great to have Bono from ENC visiting us tonight! Once he found us by way of a website AO typo….
  • Lots of love was distributed during the Tunnel of Love!
  • A great turnout for F2 at Brewers Kettle following the workout
  • Where were all the FiA ladies?!
  • Hoff asked everyone to name one solution to the issue of our youth in this country.

Great turnout! Glad you got your money’s worth!

BTB – over and out!


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