Stingray Got New Pull Up Bars

DATE: 2/21/18


# of PAX: 17

PAX: LETC, Baby Back, Coffee Bean, Sparky, Spin Doctor, Etch A Sketch, Venus, Quatro, 8Penny, Chop Shop, EOM, Gobo, Knuckle Puck, Quarterround, Snail Mail, Bam Bam

EC: Sparky, LETC, and YHC rucked around the AO and completed the finishing touches to the pull up bars!


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 25 IC


  • mosey to the pull up bars and partner up
  • Partners together must complete the pull up : merkin ladder cumulatively breaking up the reps however they’d like
  • Reps are:
    • Pull ups : Merkins
    • 1 : 2
    • 2 : 4
    • 4 : 8
    • 8 : 16
    • 16 : 32
    • 32 : 64
    • and back down
  • Mary while we wait
  • Two columns for Caterico Indian Run around the pond to the bleachers
  • At the bleachers, we explained Triple Nickel.
    • Run the bleachers, complete 5 reps, run back to start, complete 5 Reps, and plank for six
    • run bleachers, 5 – Worst Merkins Ever, run back, 5 – Sidewalk Surfers (4 count)
    • run bleachers, 5 – tony hawk burpees, run back, 5 diamond merkins (4 count)
    • run bleachers, 5 – prisoner up downs, run back, 5 – pickle pumpers (4 count)
    • run bleachers, 5 – alt. shoulder taps (4 count), run back, 5 – Spider-Man merkins (4 count)
    • run bleachers, 5 – bobby hurley’s (4 count), run back, 5 – V-ups (4 count)
  • Once all the PAX have finished, we have a little time left, and Venus has a great suggestion that we do the Pull Up : Merkin ladder again!
  • So we mosey back to the pull up bars and get back with our partner for same Pull Up : Merkin Ladder as earlier!
  • Once everyone is complete, form two columns and Caterico Indian Run around pond and back to the flag!


  • prayers for Florida
  • Spin Doctor has continued to post the info for a 5k/10k supporting pediatric cancer at Holly Tree elementary
  • It was great to have Baby Back post again and the long lost Quarterround!!! Keep coming out. It is an 0530 start time ; )
  • Ft Fisher Ruck is 3/3. Start time is 0600 downtown at the Veteran’s Memorial Wall
    • We need a couple of volunteers to help with water and aid stations along the route. It won’t require an entire day of commitment, but you will be needed sporadically throughout the day as we approach the different aid stations.
    • Please contact me or Gobo if you can help!

That’s it for the morning! It is an honor and a pleasure.

BTB – over and out



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