Hill of Pain

Date: 2/22/2018

QIC: Fire Marshall Bill

# of PAX: 13

PAX: Heisenberg, Snickers, Parrot Head, Blade, Flight Nurse, Capt. Ahab, Fat Back, Morpheus, Mr. Kotter, Niles, Sweater Vest, Money Gun and Fire Marshall Bill


Imperial Walker x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 25 IC


Indian Run to the Hill of Pain on the north side of PPD. Partner up, DORA 123 while running backwards to the top of the hill and forwards to the bottom. 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 Merkins, 300 Shoulder Taps (two count). Mary while & bring in the six. Jail Break to the top of the Hill of Pain where Mr. Kotter noticed that the stop sign was sweating from watching the PAX. Mosey to the south side of PPD then Indian Run back to the AO.


Prayers for Seahorse’s 2.0 and Busted Grill’s M. F2 at Mr. Kotter’s on Friday details on Slack. Reminder of the 0700 convergence on Saturday at Olsen Park and the Miracles in Motion 5K. Show up anytime in the morning to help with the event. Hit up Blade for more details.

FMB – Out!



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