Runners Run, Ruckers Ruck

QICs: Run,BG;Ruck,Blade

The PAX: 7 Ruckers: Gravity, Parrothead, LETC, Sparky, Heisenberg, Trump, Blade. 7 Runners: FMB, Pony Express, Money Gun, Sweater Vest, Daggerboard, Mr. Kotter, BG

Warm up: Runners run. Ruckers Blade BB to follow?

The Thang: Run to HMP and do laps around the pond with 10 pull ups every time you pass the pull up bars. Do as many laps as you can leaving enough time to get back to the flag at 0615. The guy in the snazzy yellow shoes and his sidekick did 5 laps. FMB and I took the 6 and got in 2 laps. The others were somewhere in between. Strong work by all. I thought a field trip off campus would be a nice change of scenery.

Mary: American hammers IC x ?.

Counterama, Namerama. I had a total of 14 Blade. Correct me if I gave credit to a ghost PAX.

COT: Instructions for Saturday convergence at Ogden park. Blade will post them again. BW AND SF AT OGDEN PARK THIS SATURDAY! Prayers for the PAX and our first responders and military. It just wasn’t the same without Hoveround. I guess we’ll give him a pass this once. I placed an extra dollar in the tip jar at Grinders in his memory.

An honor and a pleasure   BG

PS: Where was Morpheus?



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