Fog Ruck


AO: UNCW/Run Forest Run / Ruck Forest Ruck

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Gravity, Heisenberg, Trump, Parrot Head, LETC

3 for EC ruck (YHC, Parrot Head, Trump)

With the runners departing promptly at 0530 bound for HMP, we ruckers departed quickly as well.

The Thang

Head up Price to Chancellor’s Walk

Ground your ruck – burpee + squat + pick up ruck on shoulder (x2 – 1 each shoulder)

Sprint down 1 light pole & back x2

Rinse & Repeat x5

Flutter Kicks (ruck overhead) x25IC

Continue on Chancellor’s Walk to Amphitheater

Incline Merkins x10 OYO

Step Ups x20 (10 each leg) OYO

Head out to Riegel & around BG’s loop

Back at the flag w/ 1 minute to spare


American Hammer x25IC

Despite a little difference in mileage calculations we covered almost 2.5 miles and maintained a pretty respectable pace the whole time.

COT / Moleskins

SATURDAY – CONVERGENCE @ OLSEN PARK – Miracles in Motion 5K – Sign up, volunteer, help out. Just be there! (more info on Slack)

Prayers for the PAX and our first responders and military.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Until next time…




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