Date:  19 Feb 18

QIC: Donut

Pax: Epo, Hooch, Trolly Stop, Tubs, Rx, Nomad, Short Rib, The Mounty, Glass Joe, Tea Party, Merit Badge, Tombstone, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tiny Tank

Fifteen pax entered the gloom on a balmy President’s Day morning with the intention of becoming better.  Every man succeeded.  Having become bored with the typical exercises in his bag, YHC spent some time on and searched the “Exicon” tab for some new ways to bring the pain.  Not only did YCH find new exercises, he discovered a new workout as well.  This will not disappoint….

Warm-up:  Hillbillies x20, Moroccan night-club x20, Sun Gods, SSH x20 (I think)

The THANG:  YHC discovered the AMRAP designation and ALARM.  AMRAP stands for As Many Reps as Possible.  ALARMs are Arms, Legs, Abs, R exercise, M exercise.  Let’s do this tabata style with a 1 min 30 sec AMRAP for each exercise then a 10 sec rest.  Since this is AMRAP, it is you against you.  Don’t blame YHC if your butt, legs, and arms aren’t blasted at the end.

ALARM 1: Alternating shoulder taps, Lunge, American Hammer, Ranger Merkin (hands placed next to ribs as opposed to your shoulders), Mountain Goat (mountain climber for 3 counts with a two legged kick up past 45 degrees on the 4 count).  Rest for 2 min then repeat.

ALARM 2: Overhead press, Alabama Ass-kicker (plank position, right leg kicks own ass, extend past 45 degrees, back to ass, then down.  Alternate legs), Crunchy Frog, Red Bull Smurf Jacks (SSH in squatting positions and completed as quickly as possible), Monkey Squat (plank to squat with hands never leaving ground).  Rest for 2 min then repeat.

Well done by all!  Very strong work, though there sure was a lot of conversation.  You against you…..

Moleskin:  Remember the Lo Tide Run at CB.  Sign up for the F3 team.  Miracles in Motion 5k and support needed this weekend.  Check Slack for more details.

COT:  Prayers and thoughts to our fallen brother at a recent Go-Ruck.  He was from the Lexington AO.  Thoughts/prayers for all needs spoken and unspoken and to our educators, health care providers, first responders and all of those that seek the truth.




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