Date -2/15/2018
QIC- Sir Mix A Lot

# of PAX- 12
Pax- EPO, Tanenbaum, Pony Express, Flounder, 8Penny, Ugly Stick, The Hoff, LETC, Trump, Venus, TANK,
Warmup: SSH X30
Bend and reach – “Stretch and try to touch your toes” It just so happened that Hoff might have been standing directly behind me at the time of this stretch….
The Thang:
Mosey to the Golf course club house and circle up, Run 1 loop around the 18th hole path and circle back up at the club house.
To my surprise we were absolutely rolling!!! I can’t remember the last time I have been with such a large group of runners and everyone is keeping a 7 min/mile pace. Strong work!
Well… since we were so fast we still have time remaining, Lets roll!!
Run½ the loop around the 18th hole path and take the long way back to the flags once we get back to HMP.
Mole Skin /COT
Prayers for Epo’s daughter, hope she recover as soon as possible from her current illness with the flu and get back to playing soccer where she belongs.
Prayers for the victims down in Florida and may their family’s and friends of the victims find peace soon.

as always it’s a pleasure to lead,

SirMix out!



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